About Us

Acca inc. is an interior design firm founded by Hiroki Hakamada. We have a lot of project achievements in Japan and overseas, and we handle all genres of space from retail stores, beauty salons, commercial facilities to offices and houses.

We always pursue universality, listen to the needs of our clients, and continue to respond. The times are changing. As the way of design changes, while understanding the social and cultural background and context of the space, we explore the "something" that the client needs and create an empty space into a valuable space. increase. We aim to be a company that enriches the hearts and lives of the people who gather there and creates a new culture.

袴田 広基

Hiroki HakamadaCEO / Interior designer

Born in Shizuoka
Graduated from Osaka University of Arts, Department of Design
Joined RIC DESIGN Inc.
Joined infix design inc.
Established Tokyo infix design inc.
Company name changed to acca inc.

Company Profile

Company Name
acca inc.
Itomasa Bldg. 2F 2-21-3 Higashi Shibuya Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0011
Hiroki Hakamada
August 10, 2010
3,000,000 yen
Business content
Store design (merchandise / restaurant, beauty salon, office, etc.)
Architectural design (commercial facilities, office buildings, houses, etc.)
Furniture / furniture design, production, etc.


Award history
  • Outstanding Property Award London 2021 / WINNEREngland
  • Architecture MasterPrize 2021 / WINNERUSA
  • KUKAN DESIGN AWARD 2021 / LonglistJapan
  • Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2021 / WinnerLondon
  • SKY DESIGN AWARDS 2021 / ShortlistCanada, Honkong & Japan
  • DNA Paris Design Awards 2021 / WinnerFrance
  • MUSE Design Awards 2021 / PLATINUM & GOLD WINNERUSA
  • iF Design Awards 2021 / WinnerGermany
  • Outstanding Property Award London 2020 / Platinum PrizeEngland
  • London International Creative Competition 2020 / FinalistEngland
  • IDA International Design Awards 2020 / GOLD WINNERUSA
  • Architecture MasterPrize 2020 / BEST of BESTUSA
  • MUSE Design Awards 2020 / GOLD WINNERUSA
  • KUKAN DESIGN AWARD 2020 / LonglistJapan
  • SBID International Design Excellence Awards 2020 / FinalistEngland
  • Outstanding Property Award London 2019 / Honoble Mention PrizeEngland
  • Sky Design Awards 2019 / ShortlistCanada, Honkong & Japan
  • IDA International Design Awards 2018 / Honoble Mention PrizeUSA
  • SBID International Design Excellence Awards 2018 / FinalistEngland